Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Efficient and organized? Or messy and cluttered?

I was having a discussion a few days ago about small kitchen appliances. My only contribution was that I don't want small appliances unless I can keep them all out on the counter where I can see them and where they're instantly accessible. I don't want to have to go routing in a low cupboard, behind pots, pans and skillets trying to find the food processor.

And when you find it, the attachment you need is not with it. By that time, everything is pulled out on to the floor and you can't remember what you were going to use it for anyway.

No thanks. Even though we have a kitchen that has limited counter space, the only small appliances I have live out on the counter, ready for immediate use.

I won't consider any new appliances unless I can figure out how and where they'll fit into the available space.

Over the last few days, I've used two out of three of these appliances. I used the big mixer to make two loaves of bread. It has eliminated the need for kneading but it suits me right now. I can go back to kneading any time I want.

I used the food processor to make bread crumbs and the next day, using the slicing attachment, I sliced potatoes for a potato scallop. Using the slicer has cut the time it takes to make potato scallop by at least half. (I also have a mandoline — the slicing tool — but I haven't yet figured out how to use it. I'm a little afraid of it too. It's very very sharp.)

My need to have everything be accessible and to be able to see everything is evident elsewhere in the house too. If I can't see all my clothes, I might forget that I have them. I have a unit just like this (although this isn't it) in my bedroom:

Here, I hang and stack pretty much everything — jackets, blouses, sweaters, trousers — that I might want to wear on any given day. On the very top, I put the purses, gloves, accessories of various kinds. On the bottom, in storage boxes, are the shoes. (I honestly don't have many pairs of shoes but I have flip flops and sandals that need a home during the winter and I have a couple of pairs of dress shoes that only come out on special occasions. But I'm no Imelda Marcos.

Imelda's shoes

You can probably guess that it doesn't stop there. I have something that looks a bit like this where I keep some jewellery and odds and ends on my bureau-top:

Mine is a little bigger. You can see it was intended for screws and nails and nuts and bolts and washers — but it works for me.

I obviously think of this method of keeping track of stuff as efficient and organized. I'm sure to other people, it looks messy and cluttered.

I'm going to stick with it for now — at least until the next great organizing fad comes along.

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